Announcement COVID-19

COVID-19 Awareness

Last week at Sure-Fire Heating (as part of the Toshack Service Group) we introduced a rigorous disinfecting policy to ensure that our interactions with each other AND our customers were as safe as possible. Some of our office work has been transferred to home offices, but the reality is that much of what we do requires personal interaction. In the office we are fortunate to have an office space that provides a high degree of physical separation and we have implemented a workplace disinfecting process that is carried out three times per day. Our technicians disinfect their vehicles at the beginning of the day and each time they depart from a customer. They will disinfect anything they have contacted in a customer\’s home to mitigate the risk of any in-home transmission.

We will also require any technicians who have COVID-19 symptoms to isolate; we are currently planning to use the Ontario TeleHealth service to guide us through the virus diagnosis process until tests are more readily available. We are also asking our customers to PLEASE advise us if they are quarantined due to travel risks or are sick with COVID-19 symptoms. (So far they have been great. Thank you!)

We all need to work together, and this will pass! Take Care!

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